International Orders

Welcome to our International information page. We can ship any of our products overseas, but we recommend individual products or one of our Hampers. Our hampers can be filled with 100% Scottish or British Products, and are designed to be shipped overseas. We are registered with the United States FDA to ensure our products don’t run into problems at American customs.

Our shipping charges for overseas orders are not inexpensive, we know that. But we stay competitive with other similar companies shipping overseas. Sorry, but carriage charges are non-refundable unless its an issue caused by us.

Shipping costs will include all the following:

  • International Safe Packaging
  • Carrier Shipping Charge
  • Commercial Invoice (required for all food being shipped abroad)
  • Signed receipt

We use DHL to ship all international orders.

Customs clearance and paperwork

The products specified on this website are suitable and approved for use for customers within the United Kingdom, but we deliver to any address anywhere in the world.

Parcels delivered outside EU Europe are subject to clearance through local customs. Although this does not normally cause delays, the timing of customs clearance is outside the control of David’s Gifts Ltd or our international carriers DHL International.

Under world-wide shipping conventions,

For gifts to others, paperwork including a pro-forma invoice (with a minimal value and stating that the parcel is a gift) has to be attached to the parcel.

For items for yourself, Paperwork including a commercial invoice with a product value has to be attached to the parcel.

Many countries have import restrictions on the type of product. It is your responsibility to ensure the hamper / basket you order are allowed for the country being shipped to.

Customers who choose to purchase items for usage and distribution to locations outside the United Kingdom do so at their own risk and have a personal responsibility regarding compliance with local laws. Please note that we may be unable to deliver to specific countries depending on their particular laws. Furthermore, the importation may attract a fee/duty, which the recipient may be required to pay although you may elect to pay this on their behalf. We accept no liability should local customs authorities wish to inspect or confiscate any particular item contained within the gift, or change any import duty.

We cannot guarantee that your goods will arrive in the same condition that they were dispatched should this be the case. Due to this, we highly recommend individual products or a Hamper gift, rather than a sealed gift basket for international shipment. Even if a hamper is opened for customs inspection, it should not ruin the look of it. If ordering for yourself and your family, and you don’t want the wicker hamper, we can create an international box for you. This can include the same items in our ready-made baskets or different items if you want to mix it up. Additional carriage charges are non-refundable unless its an issue caused by us.